Tuesday, 5 February 2008

So far this week has seen quite a development in my activites involving Public Relations!
Firstly I have managed to obtain a placement within the Leeds based company SLB PR, which is fantastic, and I am visiting the office tomorrow afternoon to finalise any details. Also within my other placement with the charity CLIC Sargent I have been assigned to the role of press officer for their latest national event Kick for Children with Cancer. For the north east region I have based my launch upon the Billingham area (near Middlesborough) due to this being the area where the highest amount of money was raised last year.
I contacted the main paper for the area the Evening Gazette in search of creating some form of Media Partnership enabling the event to be publicised as fully as possible within the local area. Unfortunatley I was greeted with a very harrassed journalist who didn't really pay much attention to what I was trying to tell her and fobbed me off with a number that so far has not been answered.
Luckily my second port of call was far more successful. Instead of using just newspapers to launch the event I also contacted a regional radio station and propsed the idea of the media partnership. This time I was more practised with how to approach the situation, this seemed to make the difference as I managed to convince the radio that arranging a media partnership with CLIC was the best decision they could make all year!

And so they agreed to look through our proposal during the week and get back to us with their final decision......................Fingers crossed WHOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOO

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