Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Music I am loving...

I severely suggest you check out the following songs:

Midnight City - By M83
Lights Out, Words Gone - By Bombay Bicycle Club
Everything Goes My Way - Metronomy

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What NOT to do on a placement

Sit and play with your Rubix Cube whilst having an email open to send to someone in the agency who is waiting for the work you are meant to be doing!

It's been a while....

And by gum it has. I literally have no idea where the past few (or six) months have gone! My last post was during the midst of dissertation, since then a lot has changed. I've graduated with a 2.1, had an awesome summer and am working and living in London, everything has turned out rather rosy!

I am currently second in command at new brands division of Dawbell PR. It is going well.
Really enjoying the vast amount of responsibility and the ability to be creative and have an impact on how our different brands campaigns run.

Think the blog is going to take a more creative turn over the next few months so stay tuned...

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