Monday, 17 March 2008

Taxes taxes taxes

Is anyone else concerned that these days you don't get any change from a pound when buying a loaf of bread?Has anyone noticed that within the space of a year the petrol prices have hit an all time high? Every day I read about different things rising in prices ranging from houses to bottles of milk. There appears to be no halt on these rising prices and its not like when they do stop that they are ever going to drop.
How are people coping, wages aren't rising so how are people managing to afford this financial change? Will this coping lead to an increase in the numbers of people already in debt?
What about us students getting ready to head into the big wide and ever increasingly expensive world? How will we be able to afford houses? Let alone be able to live to a comfortable standard that we are currently working towards??

Any PR students got any thoughts on this...

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