Monday, 29 September 2008

First time for everything

A new semester a new blog entry!
Although there is no denying that I could have done one during the summer but it has been an insanely busy period!
This summer consisted of a variety of activities ranging from working on brick lane in a restaurant to serving over 20,000 pies...No I am not kidding!
All in all it was a great experience, as due to contacts I scored a three week work placement in a Soho based PR company going by the name of Mission Media.
Although I didn't come out with any work for my portfolio just being in the environment, contacting the journalists and helping the PR practitioners was fantastic in itself.
But now I am on the hunt for more knowledge...which I think I may have just sorted in the form of a one day a week placement in the offices of the Faversham!
That and more PR placement coming up soon, must dash as am off to first lecture of the year....It's beginning well!

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