Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My journey through PR: Interviews/placements and all that Jazz

My journey through PR: Interviews/placements and all that Jazz

Interviews/placements and all that Jazz

So having scored a placement in the Yeadon based Direct Marketing Response company the Ashley Bolser Agency I am feeling quite content with my interviewing abilities. Having never had a real interview for an official position I was incredibly nervous and chatted myself through the nerves..which I think could have possibly won my interviewers over.

Over the last week I have been feeling very concerned about my employability at the end of my degree due to placement work.
At present (although this changes regularly) I am not intending on doing a year long placement as I would quite like to get out into the working world before the tender age of 24 (which is what I would be if I were to do a placement year).
Everyone seems so proactive and busy, I am fairly busy but find it difficult to fit everything in with having a regular part time job, placement and university work itself.
Does anyone else feel this pressure bearing down on them when sat in guest lectures and tutorials hearing about the various placements, experiences and published writing that others are getting involved in?

Also I was wondering if any PR employers could give me their opinion on the benefits of doing a placement year. Even though by the end of my degree I will have done at least six placements in a variety of places ranging from the voluntary sector to PR agencies and even magazine work.

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