Thursday, 15 October 2009

No rest for a PR student

So I am three and a bit months into my year placement at the top provider for health and care.

It has been a turbulant couple of months that have effectively seen me thrown into the deep end of corporate PR. Having been a student for 4 years and having never been in a corporate environment it was most definitely a massive shock to the system. But I have taken it all in my stride and although there have been ups and downs I appear to be picking up pace and getting the hang of this press officer milarky.
When entering into a massive company I was not prepared for the amount of information I was going to have to take in, remember and reuse. I was also not prepared for the strictness on grammer, phrasing and generally writing all over, this is something I am most definitely going to bring up upon my return to university. The PR world is one that relies on writing and although I can write a perfectly good essay it is very apparent that there is more to writing than this.

I am beginning to start thinking on my own two feet and have been considering project opportunities that I could pose for myself, which may I add is quite exciting as there are only so many press releases one can write about open days.

The chance to do a placement year is already clearly invaluable to my future career, as one of my managers put it 'if you can work here, you can work anywhere'. It not only provides experience in the sector but also an insight into the 'real world' which seems so very very far away during your university years. I warn thee it is rather daunting, but really rather worth it.

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