Monday, 26 November 2007

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I am the top google search for Natalie Torbett's aalllllll oovvveeerrr the google network whoop whoop! Yay. I'm also hopefully going to get a piece published in the next issue of Behind the thoroughly exciting!
After officially arranging my placement with the charity CLIC Sargent, I rapidly found myself being asked to get involved with various fund and awareness rasing events.
In fact here is one in particular that you the readers may be interested in attending or at least spreading the word and showing support....

Carr Manor Y11 Prince’s Trust xl pupils have taken on a project to raise awareness about the Anthony Nolan Trust. The reason for this is to increase numbers on the Bone Marrow Register and promote the work they do for Leukaemia.
Leukaemia affects thousands of people each year and is by far the largest killer of young people out of all the cancers.
The Anthony Nolan Trust are an organisation striving to raise awareness and increase the number of people on the Bone Marrow Donor Register. Without a donor match many young people die from Leukaemia. Finding a match is a lifeline for many young people suffering from Leukaemia. Unfortunately there are not enough people on the Bone Marrow Donor Register, therefore finding a perfect match is a long and difficult task which can involve searching worldwide.
Searching worldwide takes precious time which is something a sufferer does not have. Unfortunately for some it can be too little too late.
The xl pupils are organising an open event for people in the local community and further a field to come to the school to find out more, spread the word, raise money and more importantly increase the number of people currently on the Bone Marrow Donor register.
The event is to take place at Carr Manor High School on Wednesday 12th December 2007, 5.00 – 8.00pm
On the night there will be all the information you need to help you make the important decision to register on the Bone Marrow donor Register and qualified staff from the Anthony Nolan Trust will be there to guide you through the process.
Theoretically anyone could be the match for one of the 7,000 patients currently waiting for a transplant. In fact, you might be the only person in the world with compatible tissue-type for a patient with a life-threatening illness.
Please come and support this event and give someone the gift of life.
For further information please contact:

J.Laxton / K.Westerman at Carr Manor High School Tel: 0113 3368400 or

The Anthony Nolan Trust
Tel: 020 7284 1234 during office hours, Mon - Fri

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Man alive, there is quite a lot to a portfolio having had a closer look at one of the absolutley amazing ones from last year....think I need to seriously start getting organised!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

This past week I have taken to ensuring my CV is completed and done to the highest of standards.
I have also been keeping myself up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world through a variety of newspapers ranging from the Daily Express to the Guardian. One thing I have become aware of is the lack of world wide issues being on the first few pages of every newspaper i have read. What i mean by this is for example, the constant coverage of the Madeleine pursuit..which to be honest is not that much of a pursuit. In fact the coverage is identical from day to day. Would it not be more beneficial to the campaign to not make it a constant front page feature and only bring it back out when some real developments are actually made. I suggest this from my own personal thoughts and feelings as the constant non event that is the Madeleine Campaign is beginning to bore me. Don't get me wrong I would love nothing more that the little girl to be returned home safe and sound, but in the grand scale of things, she is one little girl.
All over the world little girls are dying from genocides in Africa to floods in Mexico. These aren't documented quite with the coverage as Madeleine, I realise papers publish what sells.....but is this unchanging story really selling? Would other pressing issues sell more?

Monday, 29 October 2007

Over the last week I arranged a permenant placement with CLIC Sargent which I am starting tomorrow afternoon beginning with cold calling to raise interest in a charity event near Margate.

I also had a meeting with my Pace presentation group, in which we discussed our plan of action for our Caffe Italia presentation. I also began drawing up emails and letters to send to possible placements for the summer period as I am very interested in getting involved in the Public relations aspects of festivals.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Why hello my name is Natalie
Having never written a personal blog before I am unsure as what to write so please bear with me.

I am currently entering the fourth week of the first semester and finally the course is beginning to pick up some speed. I am still undecided if the Public Relations sector is the right route for me but I am hoping first year will shed some more light.

I plan to write on here once or twice a week detailing any major events or activities that I have been involved in as well as setting myself targets to achieve by certain dates. Or just for general chit chat boredom.

This week I plan to arrange my permenant one day placement with "Clic Sargent" as well as starting to find ways of getting more involved in the local PR industry.

Oh and read lots of newspapers!

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