Friday, 6 November 2009

When reading the guardian online at lunch I came across a piece written by an internationally reknowned blogger by the name of Penelope Trunks. A very interesting and intelligent woman who has caused quite a stir after tweeting that she was in a meeting having a miscarriage. Her piece, defending herself and her right to free speech led me to look at her blog.

Penelope's blog was really quite inspiring, and got me really thinking about the power of a good blooger, is it a born quality? Does it come with practice?
How can I raise my status as a blogger and what is it the world is looking to read about?

Also as blogging has become a massive open forum of debates over the last few years, with the bloggers achieving a 'celebrity' status, do they sometimes take on more than they can chew? As perhaps could be suggested with people such as Penelope, who although appears to have handled everything as efficiently as if she had a personal PR, still have noticed the invasion her blogging/tweeting has in her everyday life..

Do you fellow bloggers feel the pressures of your blogging weighing you down?! haha (other than being aware that sometimes you're not blogging as often as you should!)

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