Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Graduate Schemes..How can you stand out from the crowd?

October in final year, dissertation is starting to roll, communication audit is gaining pace and then there is portfolio (not to mention that trying to get a 1st is likely to cause health problems..Oh great!).
It doesn't sound much when down on paper but believe me it is extremely stressful and finding enough hours in the day is becoming a skill that is definitely going to help later in life! To add to the stresses of final year there is also the 'what next' to consider...So what next?
There are graduate schemes galore from the large PR agencies, but competition is steep.. with PR being an ever increasing sector it is gaining popularity at a dramatic pace and many PR graduates will find themselves pitted against the likes of Oxbridge and even Boston University graduates.

With this in mind action is required. I feel that having a specialist area is important in making a person stand out in interviews and so whilst keeping an eye on all areas of PR I will be looking at crisis communications as my area of speciality, so much so that I will be covering the topic in my dissertation.

I will also be up-ing my online presence in an attempt (hopefully not a futile one) to increase my chances of potential future employees seeing what I am capable of and hopefully cause a spark of interest around my own personal brand.

Whilst this is a good start I will also need to come up with some new and creative ideas to make me stand out from the crowd...


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